As a digital artist I try to bring data and algorithms to life. I want to give the imaterial digital a perceivable and emotional form because data and algorithms are too reduced, too abstracted from the tangile world, its too hard to crasp them. That´s why I enhance them with visual means and open up new worlds of imagination.
I don’t draw or model my 3d data sculptures, they are completely driven by data and generative procedural algorithms. Out of this process emerge detailed images which somehow resemble the noisy and complex world the data is derived from. The data I use addresses current social issues, from financial and workspace or motion profiles to network traffic or flight patterns.
So I transform this data in new digital worlds with their own logic and own form-language. New forms arise which somehow remind us of the real world, but also transcend them. With their details and colors they are in between real world and a minimalistic language and they can be beautiful and strange at the same time.